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When the trees in your area get tangled up in powerlines or intrude on your neighbour’s property because of overgrowth, they can become dangerous and invasive. This situation calls for tree lopping Mornington Peninsula residents can rely on. At The Climbing Dutchman, we’re a family owned and operated business with a team of climbing arborists that has served the Mornington Peninsula area for over two decades. We recommend tree lopping to remove certain sections or branches of the tree for improved safety and aesthetics. 

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Need Highly Professional Tree Services in Mornington Peninsula? We're Licenced and Qualified for the Job!

Whether you want to remove trees or certain branches, the last thing you want to do is call in an amateur. These are specialist tasks that require the right skills and equipment. Lucky for you, our company’s founder, Jor Boogaart, has close to three decades of experience in offering various arboriculture services. Having served the area for these many years, we’re well-versed in common tree issues that locals face, as well as tree lopping near me and removal solutions. 

As ISA board certified arborists, we have the training and knowledge to apply appropriate strategies based on the customer’s needs. For an efficient process and quality results, we have the latest tree care equipment and machinery, including wood chippers and 4WD trucks for carrying supplies. Not to mention, we’re fully insured to address any liability concerns by customers.

Why You Need Tree Lopping Mornington Peninsula Residents Can Trust

When branches grow too large, they risk falling and resulting in damage to your property and nearby small trees. Similarly, they can obstruct the view from your window or get tangled in power lines, which creates a safety hazard. We recommend lopping off sections of a tree to prevent injuries or property damage. 

Our Friendly Team Also Offers Complete Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Pruning, and Mulching

At The Climbing Dutchman, we specialise in offering complete tree services, including tree and stump removal and tree felling. We also provide regular maintenance, such as pruning dead branches and trimming overgrowth to ensure safe and healthy trees. 

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